BlendAway Portable RED

BlendAway Portable RED

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With the BlendAWAY Portable, you can now enjoy making your favourite smoothies and shakes on the go.



The BlendAWAY Portable has been designed and made with consideration of today’s modern lifestyles at the forefront of its core design. Our main objective was to have a blender that is both convenient and portable resulting in a blender that can easily travel.



Our rechargeable battery-powered blender can make between 8-12 cups on a single charge. Simply charge using the USB port with the cable provided 1-3 hours before initial use.

The BlendAWAY Portable can be charged from any standard USB outlets, including portable power banks.

The BlendAWAY Portable is made from high-quality BPA free and food grade materials, including the durable 3D six, sawed SUS304 stainless steel blades and 2000mAh battery powering a DC3.6V Motor, the BlendAWAY Portable really is powerful.

The BlendAWAY Portable features a built-in strainer keeping your smoothies chunk free.