Know your BlendAWAY Portable





NEVER put your hand inside your BlendAWAY Portable or touch the blades.

Before first use. add water with a small amount of washing up liquid & press the power button. then rinse out.

Your BlendAWAY Portable will take up to 3 hours to fully charge. although your BlendAWAY Portable will arrive mostly charged, it is recommended you fully charge before first use for maximum power. The power button turns red while charging and blue once fully charged.

You can charge your BlendAWAY Portable with any USB ports. from a portable power pack to your computer, even the USB port within your car. the USB cord only fits in one way so don't try to force it if it doesn't easily fit.

 Always start by adding liquid, such as water, milk, juice or yoghurt. this help makes blending easier.

we recommend cutting your fruit or other ingredients into small pieces. (Don't be too BIG)

 To maximise blending power, start your BlendAWAY Portable tilted at 45 degrees or upside down to allow the blads to reach maximum RPM, then turn it right-side up so that your ingredients hit all six blades at full speed.

 Blend ice with your  BlendAWAY Portable. Make sure you blend with a sufficient amount of liquid, and that your cubes aren't too large. If the cubes get stuck, add liquid, shake your BlendAWAY Portable and continue. 

 We do not recommend you use hot liquids above 120°F / 49°C which may result in damage, including leaks, to the jar and base.

 To clean your BlendAWAY Portable, simply pour warm water into the jar with an optional drop of washing up liquid, and run it one or more times as required. your BlendAWAY Portable is NOT suitable for a dishwasher. NEVER submerge the electronic base. 



1. If Your BlendAWAY Portable fails to start. Check to ensure you have fully charged it, then try again.

2. If the base of the jar, of your BlendAWAY Portable, start leaking, empty the content and detach the jar from the ABS base, clean and reline the silicon seal.

3. Red and blue flashing lights mean your jar isn’t aligned with your base. To fix this, simply screw your jar clockwise into the base. The arrow on the jar should line up with the light on the base. As a safety precaution there is a small magnet on the jar and base, which must be aligned, or else the blades won’t spin.

4. Red flashing lights mean your BlendAWAY Portable needs to be recharged or that your blades are blocked. Recharge or shake your BlendAWAY Portable, and/or turn it on upside down, then flip it back over while on. 


Happy blending 😀