How long does the BlendAWAY Portable take to fully charge? 
Your BlendAWAY Portable will take up to 3 hours to fully charge. The power button turns red while charging and blue once fully charged.
How much can my BlendAWAY Portable hold?
Your BlendAWAY Portable has the capacity to hold 380 Millilitres or 12 fluid ounces
How do I clean my BlendAWAY Portable? 
To clean your BlendAWAY Portable, simply pour warm water into the jar with an optional drop of washing up liquid, and run it one or more times as required. your BlendAWAY Portable is NOT suitable for a dishwasher. NEVER submerge the electronic base. 
Is the BlendAWAY Portable products BPA free?
Yes. BlendAWAY Portable products are made from BPA free and food-grade plastic and metal parts.